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Welcome to Bujinkan Netes Dojo
Broadly speaking, the Bujinkan Netes Dojo, guides the study and practice of Classical Japanese Jujutsu and Ninpo, Bujutsu.

We have a dedicated Bujinkan Shibu and Classical Martial Arts school in Western Australia.
Our Soke is Dr Masaaki Hatsumi,   Dojo Cho of Bujinkan Netes Dojo is Shihan Andrew Netes.
Since 2001, Drew Sensei has been a direct student of Soke and is one of the most experienced Bujinkan Instructors in the World.
This year it will be 33 years since he commenced training in Bujinkan and 40 years in total in Traditional Martial Arts.

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Bujinkan Netes Dojo

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Kenwick, Western Australia 6107

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